The MOTM-850 interfaces Roland, Yamaha and other CV output pedals to MOTM modules. It provides two signals: a CV output that can be set with Range and Offset controls to cover -7.5V to +7.5V with varying 'sensitivity', and a Gate output that can be internally jumpered to provide normal positive-going +12V output or Moog-compatible S-Trig (shorting to ground) output.

A panel LED indicates when Gate is active, and a panel control sets the point at which Gate becomes active. A useful feature is the Mix input and level control. You can add the pedal output voltage to whatever voltage is present on the Mix input. This allows, for example, adding the pedal CV to a keyboard CV to provide portamento only when the pedal is engaged.

The MOTM-850 can be jumpered for a wide variety of pedals that use three-conductor plugs. The clever circuitry automatically adjusts for differences between Roland and Yamaha pedals. You can also feed a CV into the MOTM-850 Pedal input without actually using a pedal at all! All of the controls are fully functional, so the "pedal" interface can actually be used to generate Gate signals from a LFO, convert a Gate signal to S-Trig, and more.