Synthesis Technology was founded in 1998 with the introduction of the MOTM modular synth format. This format enabled musicians and electronics enthusiasts to build their very own DIY synthesizer, one module at a time. Although the 5U size, 1/4" jack connections, and utilitarian black front panels recalled the Moog modular synths of the 1970s, the MOTM format improved on the modular synth concept with updated components and engineering techniques. As microcontroller technology leaped forward in the early 2000s, the all-analog MOTM lineup was augmented with digital modules such as the MOTM-650 polyphonic MIDI interface.

We released our first Eurorack module, the E340 Cloud Generator, in 2010. Since then, the Eurorack modular format has exploded in popularity. There are hundreds of manufacturers worldwide and new modules are released nearly every day. At this point our focus is the design of new Eurorack modules that stand above the crowd due to their innovative concepts, solid engineering, and high level of build quality.

Our modules are available from resellers in Australia, Europe, and the US. Check the Purchase page to find a shop near you. Selected modules are also available through our online shop.