NEW! Verson 1.4 firmware is now available to update older versions using MIDI and the SFUU application (Win XP-10 only, sorry).

The SFUU app uses 2 host MIDI ports: Host OUT to MOTM-650 IN, and then MOTM-650 OUT to Host IN.

I currently do not have a manual for updating, but the SFUU will detect the MOTM-650 and ask if you want to update and the name of the file.

The file is included in the ZIP archive. SFUU app and the update file is located here.

See the DOC tab to download the V1.4 User's Guide.

The MOTM-650 is a full-featured four-channel MIDI-CV converter.

  • Voice allocations settable as four 1 voice, two 2 voice, or one 4 voice group - each voice group separately addressable via MIDI
  • Voice assignment modes on a per voice configuration: Poly 1, Poly 1 steal, Poly 2, Poly 2 steal, Unison, Solo Unison, Solo, Solo Rotate
  • Dual arpeggiators, each arpeggiator assignable to any active voice group (one arpeggiator per voice group)
  • Arpeggiator clock sources: MIDI IN Clock, internal clock (60-238 BPM weighted), external
  • Arpeggiator clock divisors /4, /3, /2, /1.5, 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 4X the clock rate
  • Arpeggiator note order: up, down, up/down, down/up
  • Arpeggiator modes: normal, ordered, ping pong, random
  • Portamento: per voice group configurable as constant rate or constant time
  • Each voice group is independently configurable
  • Firmware can be updated via MIDI
  • All options can be set via MIDI CCs, MIDI SysEx, or the front panel user interface
  • Settings and state are remembered across power cycles
  • Patch storage for settings (up to 32), recallable via MIDI patch change command
  • Microtuning per MIDI spec
  • Pitch bend adjustable from +/- 0 to 24 to be added to note CV on all voices
  • Each of 4 Aux outputs assignable to pitch bend, channel aftertouch, or any MIDI CC
  • Velocity jack on each voice can be configured to be velocity or a trigger, providing a 5ms pulse when the voice is retriggered
  • LEDs to monitor MIDI IN activity, internal/external/MIDI clock, and voice gate operation
  • 8x2 LCD with variable backlight and four buttons for the user interface
  • External Clock In jack
  • Transmits MIDI clock if set to external/internal clock

The MOTM-650 packs all these features into a 2U wide module, using the latest SMT data converters, low-drift op-amps, and precision voltage references. Most MIDI-CV converters use 12-bit DACs: the MOTM-650 uses a true 16-bit DAC, and an octal 10-bit DAC for the Velocity/Aux outputs. No other MIDI-CV converter has as many features in a small space.

This module requires a MOTM-950 or another power supply with a 6-pin MTA-156 connector (+5V @ 575ma).