You have probably heard of the SSM2040 filter chip, used in the Prophet 5 (Rev 2), the Voyetra 8, and others. Although short-lived, the SSM2040 filter had a unique sound different from a Moog, ARP, or other 4-pole lowpass. Why? The design used a clever discrete OTA gain cell.

The MOTM-440 offers an updated SSM2040 architecture using matched NPN/PNP pairs and features a switch that adds a second audio feedback path to boost bass response at higher Q levels. This makes the filter "growl and rumble" even more! In addition, voltage-controlled Q allows for more sweeping effects. Three audio or control voltage inputs make the MOTM-440 THE killer lowpass filter in your system. The internal gain structure is such that over-driving the filter is now possible (unlike the Prophet 5) to get even more nasty sounds. Did we mention it self-oscillates at high resonance?

So order a MOTM-440 filter for a fraction of the price of a Prophet 5 and without the worry of obsolete parts!

"The MOTM-440 is the best-sounding analog filter I have ever heard."
Robert Rich