Cloud Terrarium VCO

The Synthesis Technology E352 combines the latest 200MHz 32-bit ARM DSP with SynthTech's Cloud and Morphing algorithms found in the legendary E340 Cloud Generator and the E350 Morphing Terrarium.

The E352 is currently shipping NOW, and can be ordered at many of our delaers. Current wait time is 3-4 weeks..

Some important features:

  • User-defined wavetables loaded via microSD card
  • 16K color 240 x 320 TFT LCD display
  • Grayhill mil-spec optical encoder for data entry
  • 16-bit wavetables (versus 8-bit for the E350) for 5x lower noise & THD
  • Contains all 192 of the original E350 wavetables
  • LFO mode, variable Glitch Energy and other added features

New firmware Released V1.1 (Sept. 17, 2017)

Changes from V1.0 (original release, Aug. 15, 2017) are as follows:

  • Fixed a bug in Filtered Noise Mode that could cause uncertain results during audio-rate filter modulation.
  • Fixed a bug in saving a User Bank in slots other than USR1.
  • Improvements to the UI update speed when in Cloud+Morph mode

Please follow the directions below to upgarde tour E352 to this latest firmware. You will need a FAT32-formatted uSD card of 32GB OR LESS. Larger cards may fail to load the firmware! Use a card <= 32GB!

  • Download the ZIP file, and extract it to the root directory of the uSD card. Do not change the name of the file. The file is here.
  • Turn the power off to the E352.
  • Insert the uSD card into the connector 'label side up'.
  • Press and hold the encoder knob (like a data entry). While pressing the knob down, turn the power on.
  • When the boot screen appears, release the encoder knob. The E352 will scan for the file on the uSD card.
  • Once the file is found, the menu will ask if you want to upgrade, rotate the encoder to YES and click the encoder.
  • The E352 will erase the old firmware and install the new version. Your saved patches and User Banks are NOT touched.
  • After the install is verified, you will be prompted to click the encoder knob to launch the new firmware. The Version diplayed at the bottom of the main screen is V1.1


Please watch the following video for an overview of the E352 and its 4 basic operation modes.