The MOTM-830 is a dual mode (audio and/or control voltage) mixer. Using a clever switching scheme, the mixer can configure itself into either 6:1 or dual 3:1 mixers. The mixer is "split" when a cable is inserted into the Out 2 jack. With no cable inserted, all six outputs are available at the Out 1 jack.

The MOTM-830 is unique in the modular world: it is optimized for both audio signal quality and DC stability. Other mixers are generic, TL072-type mixers which are OK for audio but suffer from input offset voltage drift over temperature. The MOTM-830 uses special circuitry to provide superior audio specs (less than 0.005% THD, greater than 90dB SNR) while having superior DC specs (less than 1uV/C drift). Other features include:

  • Shielded cables on ALL signals
  • DC Bias generator: module can act as a DC source
  • Inputs 1-3 use linear pots, inputs 4-6 use audio taper pots
  • All pots are sealed, conductive plastic for long life and low noise