WaveEdit: a cross-platform, open source waveform editor

WaveEdit is a free tool on PC/Mac/Linux that allows powerful creation and editing of wavetables for the E352 and E370 VCOs. Using standard WAV formats, the editor includes a full toolbox of shortcuts. An audio Preview is available to audition the waves before loading into the module.

The WaveEdit program will be available for beta testing on July 31st.

Check out the three short videos below to get an idea what the program can do.

WaveEdit screen

NEW! WaveEdit Alpha Version 0.6.1 Available (Aug. 6)

Version 0.6.1 is an alpha, pre-release to the official Beta.

Below are links to the 3 supported platforms. Download and unZip, there are instructions and installers for the packages. This software is incomplete in places (the 3D WaterFall Viewer) and has bugs, just ones we haven't found yet.

If you find a bug or wish to wish add a feature, please contact us at the email link below. You can also find us on Facebook in the SynthTech Modular Group. If you do email, please use either BUG or FEATURE in the sunbject line along with the version and OS so we can file them into catagories and assign priorities. Something like: BUG - Version 0.61, Mac


  • Supports common 'shortcut' keys for Mac/PC/Linux for File...Open, etc and CMD keys for Mac
  • Supports SPACE bar for audio Play/Pause
  • Fixed bug in Undo command that required 1.5sec between actions
  • Fixed wave/point alignment in wave editor widget
  • Removed Noise wave preset
  • Added individual wave loading/saving
  • Added bank shuffle for randomly reordering waves

VERSION 0.6.1 (Aug. 6, 2017)


Note the files are the executables, not the source code. The source will be released when the program is officially released in mid-October.

WaveEdit Preview #1

Basic editing and creation of the wavetables using the mouse and built-in toolkit.

WaveEdit Preview #2

More detail on the different effects available to modufy wavetables.

WaveEdit Preview #3

Advanced viewing of the entire bank and importing your own WAV file and fitting it into the wave bank.