WaveEdit: a cross-platform, open source waveform editor for the E352 Cloud Terrarium and the E370 Quad VCO

WaveEdit is a free tool on PC/Mac/Linux that allows powerful creation and editing of wavetables for the E352 and E370 VCOs. Using standard WAV formats, the editor includes a full toolbox of shortcuts. An audio Preview is available to audition the waves before loading into the module.

Check out the three short videos below to get an idea what the program can do.

WaveEdit screen

NEW! WaveEdit Version 1.0 released (Oct. 18)

Version 1.0 is the official release (w/source code)

Below are links to the 3 supported platforms. Download and unZip, there are instructions and installers for the packages. There is a new, detailed PDF manual with hotkey table.

If you find a bug or wish to wish add a feature, please contact us at the email link below. You can also find us on Facebook in the SynthTech Modular Group. If you do email, please use either BUG or FEATURE in the subject line along with the version and OS so we can file them into catagories and assign priorities. Something like: BUG - V1.0, Mac

CHANGE LOG (from the prior beta release)

  • added range selection with Shift+Click, "select all" from the menu and Ctrl+A, and range dragging with Ctrl+Drag in the waveform edit sidebar and XY grid
  • added mouse dragging in import waveform previews
  • added grid lines and numbering to wave editor, harmonic editor, and effect editor
  • added wave/harmonic number labels to waveform editor and effect page
  • added visual feedback when loading from WaveEdit Online
  • switch to Waveform Editor is a new bank is loaded
  • inverted Morph Snap checkbox to Morph Interpolate
  • improved terminology in the import page
  • renamed Temporal Shift to Phase Shift
  • changed default color scheme to Titan
  • added support for AMD Phenom II CPUs


GitHub repository for the source code


WaveEdit Preview #1

Basic editing and creation of the wavetables using the mouse and built-in toolkit.

WaveEdit Preview #2

More detail on the different effects available to modify wavetables.

WaveEdit Preview #3

Advanced viewing of the entire bank and importing your own WAV file and fitting it into the wave bank.