The MOTM-940 is used to interface between the MOTM system and other synthesizers or audio equipment that uses 3.5mm or banana jacks. Although housed in a 2U x 5U sized panel, the MOTM-940 is a passive module that does not require power. Therefore, it can be integrated into any studio to patch between various devices without the need for custom audio cables.

The top portion of the MOTM-940 consists of six sets of 1/4", 3.5mm (also referred to as 1/8"), and banana jacks. Each jack is connected to the others, as are all ground jacks. The banana jack has an associated grounding jack spaced 3/4" away so that standard dual banana plugs can easily be used. Each banana signal jack is a different color.

As an added bonus, the bottom of the panel provides two four-way multiples using 1/4" jacks. This allows multiple feeds from one cable—such as a banana or 3.5mm cable—to be distributed to MOTM modules with 1/4" jacks.

The MOTM-940 uses Switchcraft 1/4" and 3.5mm jacks and heavy-duty E.F. Johnson banana jacks to provide years of reliable service. The front panel (like all MOTM products) is 1/8" aircraft aluminum, precision milled to 0.003" tolerance. The word "flimsy" does not apply.