Ultra VCO

Availavle Nov. 15th. Check your dealer for pre-order dates. The MSRP in the USA is $299, outside USA may differ based on VAT, shipping, etc.

The E300 Ulta VCO is based on the 5U MOTM-300 VCO with modern improvements and added features.

Introduced in 2000, the MOTM-300 was based on a sawtooth core designed by Dave Rossum and used in the EMu modular. Since that design was already 25years old, we improved the performance by using 0.1% 25PPM resistors, newer op amps with low temerature drift, and other things. But technology marches on, and now in 2019 we decided to get back together and re-design the sawtooth core to take advantage of today's improved silicon and passive components.

The E300 still uses precision, low drift resistors, adding improved C0G ceramic timing caps, the latest in low drift and low THD OPA op amps, and a new, unique triangle waveshaper that generates 'glitchless' triangles and sine waves.

The MOTM-300 was very sensitive to the rise time of external VCOs used to sync, and the E300 uses a much improved sync/triggering scheme to allow any signal, with fast or slow edges, to reliably force sync.

We decided that a more useful feature not in the MOTM-300 was a switchable -1/-2 suboctave (square wave) on a dedicated output jack.

The E300 will also be available in black at no additional charge. We will strive to ship in early Novemeber to our dealers, so that you can hear the precise tracking and earth-rattling suboctave output.

Please see the Specification link for a detailed description. In October, we will have audio and video demos. And the User Manual.