Quad Morphing VCO

The Synthesis Technology E370 is a 4-channel DSP-based VCO that incorporates features from the E340 Cloud Generator and the E350 Morphing Terrarium (both are discontinued). This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION at this time. All technical info, demos, video and features are detailed on the KickStarter Campaign page here.

The KickStarter campaign has ended, but the E370 can be pre-ordered until March 1, 2018. Payment is via PayPal. Visit the SHOP on this site for ordering information.

New E370 Firmware release V 1.1c (Feb. 25, 2018)

The file is here.

Please install this version over V1.1a or V1.1b, as errors were found after release

Changes from the initial production release V1.0c are as follows:

  • Increase A/D sample rate to reduce noise during audio-rate FM when using an external source
  • Fixed Wavefolder not reaching 'zero' amount
  • Fixed Wavefolder in Cloud+Morph not sharing parameters
  • Fixed restricted Z-Morph range in 2-OP FM mode (was not scanning all 64 wavetables)
  • Fixed issue with USRH wavetable in VCO4 during Sample Player mode
  • Fixed issue with presets clearing if entering/exit the File menu with no uSD card in socket
  • Fixed issue with UI locking up if loading WAV file with missing .WAV file extension

Please read the Release Notes PDF file before reporting any bugs or other comments.

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