Hyperion Stereo Effects Processor Video Demos

Page last updated: 06/29/2020

Available with black or gray front panel. Final panel artwork may differ slightly.

Introducing the E520 Hyperion, a stereo effects processor in 48HP Euro. 480MHz ARM DSP, 64MB SRAM, 48KHz/24bit sampling.


The audio demos are located here

E520 Quick Start Tutorial

Please watch this video to learn the UI and navigation of the E520's menu system.

E520 Demo Videos

DivKid Ben goes over some of the modes of the E520.

Part #2 from DivKid, featuring the Vocoder and the all-new Looper with variable 'tape degrading'

Matt Baxley gets funky with the E520 prototype

A simple but wonderful demo showing a simple input using the Shimmer effect.

A long livestream using the Looper mode