Hyperion Stereo Effects Processor Video Demos

Page last updated: 12/13/19

Available with black or gray front panel. Final panel artwork may differ slightly.

Introducing the E520 Hyperion, a stereo effects processor in 48HP Euro. 480MHz ARM DSP, 64MB SRAM, 48KHz/24bit sampling.

Kickstarter campaign launched on Nov. 15th and ends Dec. 15th. Estimated shipping: late May 2020.

Link to the KickStarter page - here


The audio demos are located here

E520 Demo Videos

DivKid Ben goes over some of the modes of the E520.

Part #2 from DivKid, featuring the Vocoder and the all-new Looper with variable 'tape degrading'

Matt Baxley gets funky with the E520 prototype

A simple but wonderful demo showing a simple input using the Shimmer effect.

A long livestream using the Looper mode